Letting Go and Letting God

Contemplative practice is an exercise in humility. We come face to face with our inability to control our thoughts, emotions, and bodies. With practice over time, our grip on our attachments may loosen. But even after many years, for the first several minutes of silent prayer, I still find myself thinking the same old thoughts. Each time I encounter my own powerlessness and realize my dependence on my Higher Power.

While we experience our smallness and weakness in contemplative prayer, shame is never helpful. When we let go, we fall into God’s merciful and loving presence, which paradoxically affirms our true power. Letting go is incredibly freeing and empowering!

Begin your time of meditation by setting an intention, expressing your desire to be open and present to God. When your mind wanders or sensations arise, don’t judge yourself, but simply observe the thought and let it go. Every distraction is another opportunity to return to your intention and to let God be enough and all.