Relational Holism

Q: “As a member of a Contemplative meditation and education group in our city which includes nuns, parish members and non active members in the rituals of the Church we would like to bring a more comprehensive technologically enabled approach to connecting our members to the Delios, Rohrs, Freemans, Chittisters, Keatings etc of our world to enable individuals to follow their

Coalesce – The Path of Conscious Love

is a Crowdcast community gathering where we encounter, discover, create, and transform among diverse religious and spiritual perspectives. You are me, and I am you. Isn’t it obvious that we InterAre. I support you. You support me. We Coalesce. The fact that we InterAre is the great awakening for the Earth to be saved. Coalesce is shared live on Crowdcast,

Our Founder

Hello from Rev. Dr. Robert A. Ferrell Robert Ferrell is a soft spoken gentle guide who honors the opportunities to be a healing manifestation of divine love. As a contemplative practitioner and psychologist, Robert helps seekers who desire to live a contemplative and whole life. May all encounter life in all its fullness, living in relational wholeness, discovering the miracles

God as Flow

by Richard Rohr (2016) Why is it that Christian believers hardly ever think of, or talk about, God as Trinity—and yet Eastern and Western mystics reveal a strongly Trinitarian vocabulary and consciousness?! Remember, I see mystics as those who have experiential knowledge of divine things, as opposed to mere book knowledge. It is not that prior generations of Christian mystics

Bringing it all together

Build Your Integral Mind View this email in your browser Lesson 15 Hello Robert, You’ve learned a lot already, but you might not yet have a feel for how to use what you’ve learned. So here are some questions to help you start bringing it all together: 1. What aspects of your Integral Life Practice are strongest: learning/mind; exercise/health/body; spirituality/religion;

Thirteen Characteristics of Healthy Spirituality

Anglican contemplative theologian Kenneth Leech puts forward a manifesto “Toward a Renewed Spirituality.” The manifesto offers thirteen points that he considers essential for the ongoing renewal of Christian spirituality. Ken’s words are in bold type. Author Carl McColman’s commentary is in regular type. (See Ken Leech’s book True God: An Exploration in Spiritual Theology / ) A renewed Christian spirituality will

For The Love Of Matter: Mind, Matter And God

Q: In his book “Life 3.0″ Max Tegmark suggests that subjective consciousness is what computation of information feels like. He also holds the view that consciousness is an emergent property that is substrate independent. Accordingly, consciousness emerges where certain configurations of particles lead to this result. Raimon Panikkar held that our fundamental subjective consciousness was the dimension in which the human and