Wisdom Wednesday
Wisdom Wednesday
S02E022 Unknowing

Wisdom Wednesday is series of honest, inclusive, and contemplative reflections to encounter pure presence and discover deep inner connection… to goodness, truth and beauty. Join us on Crowdcast.
Adapted from the following:

Augustine, Sermon 117:5 (on John 1:1)

Bonaventure, The Soul’s Journey into God

Gregory Boyle, The Whole Language: The Power of Extravagant Tenderness

James Finley, Following the Mystics through the Narrow Gate: Seeing God in All Things

James Finley with Kirsten Oates, “Dialogue 1: The Common Life,” March 21, 2022, in Turning to the Mystics

Joseph Campbell, The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Metaphor as Myth and as Religion

J. P. Williams, Seeking the God Beyond: A Beginner’s Guide to Christian Apophatic Spirituality

Lisa Colón DeLay, The Wild Land Within: Cultivating Wholeness through Spiritual Practice

Richard Rohr, The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See;
Just This;
Following the Mystics through the Narrow Gate: Seeing God in All Things;
Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality;
Beginner’s Mind;
Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer;
Daily Meditations

Rudolf Otto, The Idea of the Holy, trans. John W. Harvey

The Cloud of Unknowing; and the Book of Privy Counseling, ed. William Johnston