Spiritual Intelligence: A New Paradigm for Collaborative Action

8 Apr, 2020
What makes a great collaboration? One view is that a collaboration is only as great as the individuals who collaborate within it. Another is that a collaboration is also only as ...

How Do I Practice Self Enquiry?

14 Sep, 2019

12 Celtic Spiritual Practices

29 May, 2019
Renew your spiritual life and community worship with these adaptations of ancient Christian practices. Celtic Christian spirituality refers to a set of practices and beliefs in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales that ...

Transpersonal Psychology Books

3 May, 2019
A Seer Out of Season: The Life of Edgar Cayce Bro, H. (2011). A Seer Out of Season: The Life of Edgar Cayce. Virginia Beach, VA: A.R.E. Press. ISBN-13: 978-08766046043. Price: $8.95 ...

Neuroplasticity: How the brain responds to experience

5 Nov, 2018

Spirituality – Marcus Borg

Your “Second Brain” is In Your Gut

4 Sep, 2018
Hashem Al-Ghaili https://www.facebook.com/ScienceNaturePage/

Spiritual Intelligence Books

21 May, 2018

Admitting that you are co-creating the culture

21 May, 2018
Talking about ‘us’ and ‘them’ like our lives aren’t intertwined is archaic. Thinking your own religion or party or nation has all the right answers is foolhardy and arrogant. Not admitting ...

Danah Zohar Spiritual Intelligence Training Preview

21 May, 2018

Spiritual Intelligence – Defined

21 May, 2018
SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE is our meaning-centered intelligence. It draws on our need for and our access to deep meaning, vision, values, and an over-arching sense of purpose in our lives and leadership. ...

12 Transformational Principles of SQ

21 May, 2018
How do you get leaders to learn to act from higher motivations that positively influence others and profit? By learning about our different quotients (Q’s), also known as our emotional, spiritual, ...

Challenge Your Status Quo

21 May, 2018

What is Consciousness?

9 year old discusses the meaning of life

21 May, 2018
And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3