Spiritual Direction is an intimate one-on-one conversation to discover and support your soulful and spiritual aspirations.

It differs from therapy in that you are encouraged to seek guidance from your Higher Self or inner divine wisdom. In the relationship of spiritual direction, the goal is to help the client become more aware of the presence and activity of Spirit/Divine/God in her or his life so that the client can make a fuller and more apt response to that presence and activity. In Spiritual Direction the focus is on clarifying, grappling with, deepening and strengthening your connection to spirit in whatever form the divine speaks to you. Spiritual Direction offers:

• Compassionate and skillful companionship in discovering, clarifying, deepening and strengthening your connection to source, however you experience it.
• Loving support for creating a heart-centered life steeped in presence and wisdom.
• Guidance in discerning the voice of ego from the voice of spirit.
• The opportunity to cultivate the Witness Self to lower reactivity and increase genuine choice and freedom.
• Tools to detach from self-limiting stories and conditioned patterns to experience a life lead by spirit more consistently.
• Companionship on the spiritual journey, and a safe place to explore your relationship with your own Higher Self.
• The cultivation of wisdom, compassion, inner peace and equanimity

We offer Spiritual Direction at reasonable rates.
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Group Spiritual Direction is also available.

Many people today are finding a home in their relationship with the Sacred outside of traditional religion. They move between and away from traditional faith practices. They see wisdom in many paths. They participate in different spiritual communities and sacred ceremonial settings. If you are such a person, then interspiritual direction might be of interest to you on your path. Spiritual direction can be valuable on this eclectic path. Interspiritual direction offers a directee companionship with someone who understands the specific issues of this approach. In the midst of diversity, spiritual direction can help someone to know the Sacred at a more intimate depth that only comes with focus. People come when they are seeking a relationship that can support the integration of their various spiritual experiences into a whole. This fosters coherency in their relationship with the Divine. Spiritual direction also serves as a container for witnessing, celebrating, and holding one’s spiritual experiences. This role of witnessing becomes even more important in the absence of a religious tradition and community that customarily hold a person in faith. Please contact us by email or phone to inquire more about Spiritual Direction


Spiritual direction has many benefits such as: deeper connection to your higher power, others, your true self, and the creation; more peace, spiritual growth, contemplation, meaning, and purpose in your life.The blessings are life changing. New directees are always welcome.


Spiritual direction is an intentional relationship in which a person (the directee) meets individually with another person (the spiritual director) to explore his or her spiritual journey and prayer life in a confidential, supportive, non-judgmental environment. Spiritual direction does not imply that the director tells the directee what to do or not do. The term “direction” implies attentiveness to the ways in which the Spirit is working in the directee’s life.

Why People Come To Spiritual Direction To discover Spirit’s presence, love, and grace everywhere Deeper connection to their true self, others, creation Renewal or deepening of faith, hope, life’s purpose Guidance in spiritual practices and method Support and encouragement in all life’s spiritual struggles with relationships, family, work, choices, goals, dreams, loss, illness, grief, recovery, religious teachings, etc.

Spiritual direction is the art of becoming aware of the energy, presence, and love of God in your life.

A spiritual director is not a counselor or psychotherapist but someone who listens to your story in a deep way and helps bring your attention to where God may be particularly active in your life.

Spiritual direction might be for you if…

you find yourself wondering “where is God in all of this?”
you need to make a crucial decision and want help and discernment.
your relationship with God is growing and you want to share and celebrate that.
your relationship with God feels stale and seek guidance.
you seek a someone to share your faith journey with.

“Spiritual direction is, in reality, nothing more than a way of leading us to see and obey the real Director — the Holy Spirit hidden in the depths of our soul.” Thomas Merton

How Spiritual Direction Works

In spiritual direction you explore your spiritual journey in a confidential, non-judgmental, supportive environment. Sessions are one hour long; during the day, evenings, or Saturdays; usually once a month; and very affordable. Whether the relationship continues for many years or only a short period, you are always accepted wherever you are spiritually.


Spiritual counseling is the contemplative practice of helping another person, or group, awaken to the mystery called God, or Spirit, or wholeness, or fill in the blank, in all of life.

We do this through creating a space in our sessions/service that invites spirit to enter and to be known and to be experienced in the moment. As practitioners we lean in, always to our own connection with spirit, for guidance. In fact, that’s one of the things that makes this work so deeply nourishing for us. We support people in discovering, uncovering, exploring, expressing, and becoming more intimate with, knowing more deeply, and trusting more deeply, the divine of their understanding.

The skills that we learn and practice here are also life skills as well as spiritual counseling skills because they are our skills and capacities that we bring into all of our relationships; into our work relationships, at home, with our partnerships and so forth.

As interspiritual counselors we recognize that God means different things to different people and that all paths to the divine are valid and beautiful. Counselors help people deepen their relationship with the divine as they understand it. Counselors support the people they work with to discover, uncover, explore, express, know more intimately, rest in, trust in the divine of their own understanding.


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