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The Future of Spirituality: Why It Must Be Integral


The Ultimate in Self-Development Cross-Training

Working synergistically on body, mind, and spirit — self, culture, and nature

Experience practices to enrich your intellectual intelligence,
emotional intelligence, and spiritual intelligence.


ilp01Integral Life School and coaching offers training in how to integrate
simple and effective practices into your unique lifestyle.

Develop a balanced and comprehensive approach to your work and personal life.

Learn to create the practices that work for you.



Adjust to however much or little time you have, down to the 1 Minute Modules

Mix and match practices to fit your life, including Gold-Star practices




Your life, balanced, growing, transforming
— Cognitive, Emotional, Interpersonal, Moral, and Spiritual development



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  • An orientation class is taught each week in conjunction with a Module & Practice class.
  • Module & Practice classes help individuals understand and implement Gold Star and One-Minute practices to provide maximum results and flexibility.
  • Core module include Body, Mind, Spirit, and Shadow.
  • Auxiliary module include Ethics, Sex, Work, Emotions, and Relationships.

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