Greetings from the heart of Rev. Dr. Robert A. Ferrell,

With utmost reverence and gratitude, I extend a warm embrace to all those who have graced the path of life with their presence. I am Robert Ferrell, a humble pilgrim on the sacred journey of existence. In the quiet recesses of my being, I aspire to be a vessel through which the boundless love of the divine flows, a soft-spoken guide accompanying fellow seekers on their quest to embrace the contemplative essence of life.

My life’s calling, as a contemplative practitioner and psychologist, is dedicated to nurturing those who yearn for a more contemplative and holistic existence. It is my profound wish that all may encounter life in its fullest measure, basking in the radiant glow of relational wholeness, and bearing witness to the astonishing miracles of love that unfold before us.

My compass on this sacred journey is rooted firmly in the Contemplative and Perennial traditions, venerable paths that have illuminated the way for countless souls throughout history. It is my sincerest commitment to serve others, meeting them exactly where they are on their unique odyssey of self-discovery. In doing so, I hope to facilitate the revelation of each individual’s personal spiritual meaning and ignite the spark of the sacred within, irrespective of their chosen beliefs or philosophical leanings.

In my humble role as a guide, I bear witness to the transformation of the heart and the emergence of an abundant life. Together, we embark on a voyage inward, awakening to the profound responsibility and love that reside within us. These inner treasures naturally find expression through engaged spirituality and acts of compassionate service, fostering a world where love and unity reign supreme.

My interests span across a multitude of domains, reflecting my insatiable curiosity about the intricacies of spirituality, psychology, neurology, leadership, nonviolence, interfaith dialogue, development, contemplation, and community building. This insatiable thirst for knowledge has led me to explore the intersections of these diverse realms, weaving a tapestry of wisdom and understanding that I eagerly share with fellow travelers.

Beyond my roles as a psychologist, minister, and professor, I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve in various capacities within Presbyterian, Methodist, and Unity churches. Additionally, my journey led me to the esteemed Richard Rohr’s Living School at The Center for Action and Contemplation, where I deepened my connection to the sacred. I proudly sit on the board of the Huntsville Interfaith Mission Service and dedicate my time as a volunteer with the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.

My scholarly pursuits have centered on the profound relationship between neuropsychology and contemplation, exploring the depths of spiritual intelligence. You are cordially invited to join me on this voyage of discovery through my daily newsletter, as well as on FacebookInstagram, and Crowdcast live stream.

In parting, I wish for your life to be saturated with serenity, allowing love to flow abundantly from the wellspring of your heart.

Within the contemplative sanctuary of our Contemplative Interbeing website (and its affiliated media), you will discover the unfathomable depth and breadth of this profound journey. Please, feel free to share your thoughts, questions, or seek additional guidance; my heart and wisdom are here to embrace you.

With the deepest humility and boundless compassion,
Rev. Robert


Robert founded Contemplative Interbeing in 2015, based on the Christian contemplative tradition and the 14 contemplative trainings.

1The Perennial Tradition encompasses the recurring themes in all of the world’s religions and philosophies that continue to say:

  • There is a Divine Reality underneath and inherent in the world of things,
  • There is in the human soul a natural capacity, similarity, and longing for this Divine Reality, and
  • The final goal of existence is union with this Divine Reality.