Healing Religious Injury Support Group

For individuals who struggle with or question the role of religion in their life. Have you been hurt by religion? Do you question your religion? Have you ever had doubts? Have you ever felt like a religious misfit? Have you felt like a seeker but not a finder? Are you overall fed by your faith but also realize there are some fundamental principles that don’t make sense to you? Do you have doubt regarding religious teachings? Do you want to leave your church or faith but don’t know how? Do you need support as your life changes after leaving your church or faith? Are you curious about other religions?

The HRI Group can help you transition from the negative impact of faith or religion on your life. Develop new friends who are facing these struggles. Talk with people who understand your journey and who can support you in your decisions and endeavors. No matter what your religious injury, we welcome you with loving-kindness. A healthy spiritual life improves self-worth and decreases anxiety. When you engage in regular spiritual practices you gain a new sense of your own divinity. HRI offers a judgment-free and safe space to gain a new sense of self, renewed happiness, strong internal motivation, and freedom from guilt. Together we develop compassion, peace, hope, and confidence.Come together for a renewed enthusiasm for life and spiritual wholeness. Rediscover the meaning and purpose in your life.

Connect with your higher values and motives.
Encounter life with wholeness.
Transcend and transform into your highest potential.
Learn to ‘be’ present here and now.
Discover ways to appreciate nature.
Reclaim your creativity and self expression.
Enjoy and love other people instead of judging.
Embrace this life instead of worrying about the next.
Love your body and take care of it.

Video: Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry speaks on Wounded by Religion; Healed by the Sacred