What is frequently overlooked is that corresponding to the perennial philosophy there exists what is called a psychologia perennis, a ‘perennial psychology’-a universal view as to the nature of human consciousness, which expresses the very same insights as the perennial philosophy but in more decidedly psychological language. As at one time most Western philosophers had only the flimsiest notion as to what constituted the philosophia perennis, so today many Western psychologists appear to possess little or no knowledge about the psychologia perennis.

This workshop describes the fundamentals of the perennial psychology and outlines a model of consciousness which remains faithful to the spirit of this universal doctrine yet at the same time gives ample consideration to the insights of such typically Western disciplines as ego-psychology, psychoanalysis, humanistic psychology, Jungian analysis, interpersonal psychology, and the like. At the heart of this model, the “Spectrum of Consciousness” lies the insight that human personality is a multi-leveled manifestation or expression of a single Consciousness, just as in physics the electro-magnetic spectrum is viewed as a multi-banded expression of a single, characteristic electro-magnetic wave.

More specifically, the Spectrum of Consciousness is a pluridimensional approach to man’s identity; that is to say, each level of the Spectrum is marked by a different and easily recognized sense of individual identity, which ranges from the Supreme Identity of cosmic consciousness through several gradations or bands to the drastically narrowed sense of identity associated with egoic consciousness.

This “Spectrum of Consciousness” conversation explores the levels of consciousness, the shadow, how we incorporate the negative, as well as include and transcend previous levels of consciousness.


Wisdom that was not made, but is now what it always was and ever shall be.
St. Augustine