5I Seminar Lecture Series
Inclusive Theology, Spirituality and Consciousness

Interfaith – This presentation offers a model of interfaith understanding so that participants can begin to adapt different perspectives along the faith journey.

Interspiritual – This is a companion to the interfaith presentation for those yearning to learn more about the transformational and spiritual resources of the many wisdom traditions.

Integral – This presentation describes five simple elements that help us understand what the various world traditions teach about human potential; psychological, spiritual and social growth. Based on the work of Ken Wilber, this two hour dialogue will help you develop multiple perspectives while simultaneously developing your own. Learn how to accelerate growth to higher, wider, deeper ways of being in community, connection, self, and personal relationships.

Spiritual Intelligence – This is a unique look into the neuropsychology science of the brains relationship with our spiritual life. How do we process meaning, belonging, and depth? How do we develop the  non-dual, higher consciousness, or the contemplative mind?

Interbeing – Learn how our full presence brings about the full presence of life. This introductory dialogue presents a higher consciousness, a reality where human beings inter-are with all of reality. We can step into a circle dance of the continuous outpouring of Love, because Love is the nature of who we are, who we inter-are.

These 2-hour presentations with time for question and response can be presented as a series or individually.
Please email or call schedule a seminar for you group or organization.