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Welcome to our wisdom resources for your transformation. Educere and Educare are the Latin root words for educate. Educare and Educere mean to draw forth; draw forth what is within; to reveal the inner capacities that you already possess. Contemplative Interbeing offers several services and programs to educere your deepest potential and capacity. The Contemplative Interbeing model (adapted from the SEE Learning model) for transformative education (educere) is composed of three dimensions within three domains. The dimensions are contemplation, compassion, and engagement. Each dimension resides in each of the three domains personal, interpersonal, and interbeing. Below you will find links to several of the programs and modalities that serve you as you enter into each dimension and domain.


Integral Life School

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Body Mind Spirit Shadow
  • Mix and Match Practices
  • Scalable

Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Development


Emotional Agility

Dialogue & Sacred Listening

3rd Alternative

Emerging Church


Spiritual Direction

  • Individual
  • Group

5i Seminar

  • Integral
  • Interfaith
  • Interbeing
  • Interspiritual
  • Spiritual Intelligence


Integral Life SchoolSpiritual DirectionSpiritual Intelligence

Wellspring RetreatLove Shack | Interfaith Interbeing

Workshops & Seminars