Nonviolence & Social Change: An Introduction For Everyone

Contemplative Interbeing in partnership with nonviolence strategy expert Rivera Sun are excited to offer
“Nonviolence & Social Change: An Introduction for Everyone”

4 sessions
March 7, 14, 21, 28
5:30-7pm CT / 4:30-6pm MT
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Rivera Sun

Purpose: Provide foundational understanding of nonviolence social change to individuals with little or no previous exposure. Develop a basic big picture ‘map’ to understand how different pieces fit.

Description: Join this 4-session course on how to make social change with nonviolence. There is a science (and an art) to how people work together for justice, respect, dignity, equality, and safety. In this course, you will learn about the 300+ methods of nonviolent action, how to design smart campaigns, the dynamics of power and struggle, and how to engage community participation in your efforts. This course is for everyone (invite friends to attend with you!).

Robert Ferrell

Trainers Rivera Sun and Robert Ferrell will share many tools, tactics, and wisdom in how ordinary people make extraordinary change. Nonviolence is fundamental and foundational to Beloved Community. We will look at examples from Dr. King and Cesar Chavez, as well as current movements from across the country and around the globe. You will come out of this course feeling more empowered and knowing how to be effective in working to create Beloved Community.

You will learn:

  • How nonviolence creates Beloved Community
  • The toolbox of nonviolent action
  • How to organize a heart-centered campaign
  • Why this approach is so powerful
  • The role of art in bringing people together
  • How to construct solutions and dismantle problems
  • And much more

Session 1: Beloved Community & Nonviolence as the Tools to Create It
Session 2: Building Blocks of Change
Session 3: People Power & Building Participation
Session 4: Oppose & Propose: The Two Hands of Nonviolence

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