Wisdom Wednesday is series of honest, inclusive, and contemplative reflections to encounter pure presence and discover deep inner connection… to goodness, truth and beauty. Join us on Crowdcast.
Adapted from the following:

Abraham Joshua Heschel
The Earth Is the Lord’s;
The Sabbath

Arthur Green and Barry W. Holtz
Your Word Is Fire: The Hasidic Masters on Contemplative Prayer

Dov Baer of Mezeritch
Hayim V’Hesed

Eugène Ionesco

Martin Buber
The Way of Man, According to the Teaching of Hasidism

Or N. Rose, Ebn D. Leader
God in All Moments: Mystical and Practical Spiritual Wisdom from Hasidic Masters

Rami Shapiro
Hasidic Tales: Annotated and Explained

Richard Rohr
Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer;
Silent Compassion: Finding God in Contemplation;
Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality;
Daily Meditations

Thomas Merton
New Seeds of Contemplation