Welcome to Contemplative Interbeing’s Wisdom Wednesday. Wisdom Wednesday is recorded live on Crowdcast. We invite all podcast and YouTube listeners to join us LIVE each Wednesday at 6pm Central on Crowdcast. Whether you are here for the live session or enjoying the recording, Thank you!

What is wisdom ?
Wisdom is not knowing more, but knowing with more of you, knowing deeper: Wisdom Wednesday is an invitation to open to the depths of your self, your intellect, will, emotion, senses, images, aesthetics, and epiphanies. Yes, open to the ground of wisdom, which is the transformation of human consciousness and the heart.

Adapted from the following:

Brian McLaren, Why Don’t They Get It?

Emmanuel Katongole and Chris Rice, Reconciling All Things

Leroy Barber, Embrace

Liz Theoharis, What Doth the Lord Require?

Peggy Rowe Ward and Larry Ward, Love’s Garden

Richard Rohr, Grace in Action;
Mending the Breach;
Near Occasions of Grace;
What the Mystics Know

William J. Barber II, We Cry Justice