Interbeing is a state of deep connectedness, a recognition that we are connected to all other beings, connected to the depths of our Beingness, and the ground of Being. When our state of consciousness is separate from the state of Interbeing, we tend toward some form of violence to solve our sense of lack; lack of dignity, lack of power, lack of recognition. Contemplation gradually teaches us not to make too much of the differences. Instead, contemplation teaches us to connect to the depths of who we are—our True Self—which is our Interbeing beyond nationality, religion, race, gender, sexuality or any other label. Moreover, you come to see that these labels camouflage the richness of who you are under the label.

Contemplation helps break down the illusion that you are superior, different, or even inferior. When you become that naked and small you see your own inherent value and you can’t help but see it in others. Then you have nothing to prove or protect and you can’t help but to love others; you connect with everything because you realize, by experience, Interbeing. This dissolves violence and the underlying fear, greed, anxiety, and guilt that usually cause us to be angry and violent. Your self-righteousness transforms into righteousness for all.

It is inconceivable that a truly spiritual life includes a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, or bigoted perspective toward any group, especially the oppressed or poor. It is our authentic identity as Love—Interbeing—that predicates the end of the cycle of violence.

Contemplation and Interbeing give activists the necessary grounding in spirituality so they can continue to work for social justice from a mind-set different than vengeance, ideology, fervor, or strength. Role model like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. inspire the needed nonviolent approach in our times; however, many activists lack a participative Interbeing in the world, even though they possess an the need intellectual appreciation. When social justice and activism comes from people with victim mentality—and creating victims of other who aren’t like them—the separate self, the ego, the self-righteous individual is still in charge. We don’t transform from the power game, because it’s always about power, not transformation.

Grounding ourselves in Interbeing, through contemplation, connects our inner life with our outer life and our actions become pure, clear, and firm. Contemplation and Interbeing takes dedicated work and that is Contemplative Interbeing’s dedicated purpose. We can’t give what we don’t have. When we are truly connected within, our actions, rooted in one’s True Self, come from a deeper relationship with reality; what is real, good, beautiful, and true. This is Interbeing in Sat Nam (true identity).

Contemplation doesn’t insist on perfection, it invites us to deeper and deeper being; in loving presence with what is. Contemplation sustains us over the long haul, without being overly defended or overly dependent. We Inter-are!


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