Spiritual intelligence is the intelligence we use to create, discover, and encounter meaning, purpose, and values in our lives. Spiritual intelligence is supported by neuroscience and psychology; it is our unitive intelligence that helps us connect intellect, reasoning, decision making, problem solving, emotions, and relations in order to support our individual unique purpose. It provides the ability to reframe and transform our thinking. Spiritual intelligence urges us to search for wholeness, a sense of community and relationship, to create an identity, and to search for meaning, and out of this search for meaning will come a sense of empowerment. Spiritual intelligence is separate from religion and is faith neutral; moreover it is applicable to all faiths across all cultures.

Spiritual intelligence enables us to develop an inner knowing; to know the essence of consciousness. An access to higher consciousness is an awareness of the rapport of being one with the universe and all its creatures. Where people transcend by integrating values and ideals and live in service to humanity, according to the highest universal principles of love and compassion for the worth of others. As we learn more about spiritual intelligence, we are able to begin exercising and developing it so that our purpose manifest in productive ways that serve society. When we are more spiritually intelligent, we recognize how deeply connected we are as a group, an organization, and a community. Community is an essential component of spiritual intelligence in action; seeing the community as part of the wider human enterprise, part of the wider global scenario. Spiritually intelligent people feel part of and responsible to the community, the planet, and life itself.

Ralph Waldo Emerson “When we are connected we are no longer blinded by the intellect.”

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