3-Body Workout (video)

I. Causal Body

Standing and breathing naturally…

Notice the suchness, the is-ness of this and every moment. I am this suchness. I am the openness in which all things arise.

Inhale, exhale, and inhale. Palms together at heart and then hands crossed over chest, and then, on last exhale, opening up both hands along either side…

I breathe out and release to infinity.

II. Subtle Body

Inhaling, hands gather energy, coming to fingers loosely interlaced…

I breathe into the fullness of life.

Exhaling, hands move up the front, palms facing the sky…

I breathe out and return to light.

Inhaling, hands come down along the sides, returning to fingers loosely interlaced…

Completing the circle, I am free and full.

Continue for a total of eight arm circles, tongue on palate (completing the “microcosmic orbit”).

Exhaling, hands move up the front to the sky; inhaling, hands circle back out and down.

III. Physical Body

Touch belly with hands, inhaling and exhaling…

Infinite freedom and fullness appear as this precious human body.

Inhaling and exhaling, squat gently, touching the ground …

Touching the earth, I am connected to all beings.

IV. Dedication (dedicate the benefits of your practice to all beings)

Bow in Four Directions (hands in prayer position, turning right, clockwise)

May my consciousness (bow and turn)
and my behavior (bow and turn)
be of service to all beings (bow and turn)
in all worlds (bow and turn)
liberating all
into the suchness
of this and every moment.