Sit in a comfortable, upright posture, and let yourself settle. Then, use the word-sounds-meanings I AM or “Ayam.” Recall it every few moments or whenever thought arises.3 Let yourself be carried by it. There is nothing you need to accomplish. There is nothing you need to get rid of. Just recall this mantra, I AM. You can trust this process.

If you drift, just recall the mantra, I AM. You will naturally come back to the present moment. Recall this mantra or sound anchor whenever you want and always when you notice that you have been pulled away. If you notice that you are not involved in the meditation practice, remember I AM, returning attention to the present moment and returning to I AM every few moments.

If you begin to experience an expanded quality of consciousness, that is fine. If you don’t, that is fine, too. Trust that it’s all part of the process. Don’t try to make anything happen, or wish anything to be different. You can be confident in the power of this extremely simple practice. Enjoy it, and let go into it. This meditation elegantly and effectively enables the body and mind to resonate very deeply, all the way to the subtlest levels of being.

If thoughts come, and if you get lost in them, don’t worry. When you notice that attention has drifted, just honor your intention to meditate, and return to I AM.

Alternate Version: “I Am, I Am”

This mantra connects the finite and Infinite identities.

The first “I AM” that emphasizes the “I” is the personal the finite sense of self.

The second “I AM” that emphasizes slightly the “AM” is the impersonal and transcendent sense of the Self.

All real mantras blend this polarity of the Infinite and finite in their internal structure and design. If you only say the first “I AM” the mind will automatically try to answer, “I am what?” This sends the mind on a search through all the categories and roles that hold the finite identities. If you immediately say the second part of the mantra, “I AM” the thought becomes “I AM What I AM” To be what you are is the essence of truth and will lead you to the nature of Reality. The breath moves in rhythm and strengthens your ability to maintain a sense of self as your awareness expands.