Use your five senses to touch into the physical realm. Look around your environment. What do you see? What do you smell or taste? Listen to any noises that might be present such as the sound of your own breathing. Notice any sensations in your gross body. Is there heat… or pressure… or pain… or heaviness… or itchiness… or tension? Allow it all to be present as you witness the waking state of awareness.

Begin the transition to the more subtle states by turning your attention to the sensations associated with emotions. Is there sadness… or joy… or anxiety… or excitement… or irritation? How does the energy of your emotions feel? Do you feel a concentration of tingly sensations or vibrations or energy in any particular area… perhaps a few inches out from your skin? Can you feel the energy in the space around you?

Go subtler still. Turn your awareness to the mental plane. Are there memories… or ideas… or images… or impulses? Thoughts about the past… about the future? Now feel into your higher intuitive mind. Do you intuit even subtler energies swirling just above your head? Shift your perspective out further into the area around you… let your awareness expand even further.

Now notice how you can witness and feel physical sounds, sights, and sensations and subtle emotions, energies, thoughts, and intuitions, but you are not identical to any of them. Watch them closely and recognize that they’re all impermanent, fleeting objects arising in the ever-present awareness that you are truly are. Experience everything arising in the spacious awareness that is You. Feel how you are not in the universe; the universe is in You. Rest in stillness and be the empty space, the Suchness of the entire display. You are the one who has always been present: never changing, never moving, never wavering. Feel the still, silent causal state of formless awareness, unlimited and unbounded, radically free and full, complete, and perfect.

Take a deep breath and enjoy… And now bring your attention back to the physical realm, but stay connected with the feeling of flow and openness associated with dreaming and deep sleep states as you go on about your day.