Jesus ushers in an era of shifted paradigms,
A seismic call that resonates beyond time’s bounds,
Not a mere request but an urgent creed—
To extend hospitality, not as a formality,
But a moral code reaching out to the fringes,
Where the marginalized reside,
Unveiling profound blessings in aiding those unable to reciprocate.

The clash arises—a collision of ideologies,
The ethos of a gift economy at odds with the prevailing sway of capitalism,
The bedrock of our societal mindset—reciprocity,
An ethos that determines worth through calculated exchanges,
A narrative that molds our relationship with the Divine.

Capitalism, a symphony of fairness and logic,
Swaying the human psyche with its quid pro quo stance,
Yet Jesus stands as a disruptor in garments of grace,
Advocating for an economy swathed in the fabric of unmerited favor.

This economy of grace defies the standard of equivalent exchange,
A realm where grace, love, and mercy flow freely,
Untethered from the chains of obligatory reciprocity.
To embrace this paradigm, one must relearn the contours of grace,
Understand it not as a transaction but a lavish bestowment, unearned and unmerited.

The gospel’s challenge echoes—
Merit ousted by the unwavering hand of grace,
Urging an acknowledgment we often evade—
That we inherently lay no claim to ‘deserve’ anything.

A kingdom transcending measures and entitled claims,
Where the cloak of entitlement falls away,
For in this kingdom, grace reigns supreme,
Where love and generosity hold court, unrestrained by conditions.

Discard the scales of ‘deservingness’,
Welcome each facet of life as an unmerited gift,
An offering we did not earn, yet are bestowed with,
A journey into the realm of grace, a passage into uncharted territories.

A call to relinquish notions of ‘deserving’,
A pilgrimage toward a kingdom where grace reigns,
A surrender to life’s unearned and wondrous gifts.