In the second half of life’s unfolding,
Inner freedom emerges, a silent dance
Where joy intertwines with the shadow of suffering.
Mature years don a garment of bright sadness,
A sober happiness born of metamorphosis.

A changed capacity takes root within,
To cradle suffering with creative hands,
Less anxious, more tender to life’s ebb and flow.
‘Luminous darkness’ whispers its enigma,
A paradox only saints and mystics comprehend,
Deep suffering and joy coexisting, entwined.

An authentic life bears the mark
Of a subtle bright sadness, a nuanced hue,
A canvas painted with the colors of wisdom.
In this chapter, we learn the art
Of positive ignorance, withdrawing energy
From the cacophony of evil and the folly of the foolish.

Prayer and discernment become our daily rhythm,
A melody guiding the spectrum of responses,
No longer tethered to the rigid notes of youth.
In the second half, we find solace in the dance,
No need to stand out, define, or assert.
Life becomes a participatory mosaic,
A gentle, nuanced mosaic of existence.