In the myriad tales spun of divine essence,
Jesus, a prophet veiled in veils of varied roles,
A truth cloaked in the clamor of labels profound,
Beyond savior, beyond divinity’s embrace,
Lies the heartbeat of prophetic resonance.

His whisper, soft on the winds of time,
“Greater things you shall do,” echoes eternal,
An invitation to tread the path of prophets,
A lineage drawn in the sands of inner depth.

Prophethood, not mere chant of ancient verse,
But a birthing amid trials, a stirring in the soul,
A seed sprouting change beyond spoken word,
A truth universal, unconfined by creed or realm.

In the womb of pain, love’s revolutionaries stir,
Sculpting movements from anguish’s clay,
Bound by a hymn for justice and unity,
They weave a narrative in threads of divine glory.

This pulse, this heartbeat of prophetic fervor,
Across divides, across faiths, a symphony plays,
Fueled by love’s fire, stitching the fabric torn,
Crafting a world where compassion reigns.

Let us discover the prophet within,
Igniting transformation, awakening dormant light,
For when prophets converge in unified sight,
Realities bend, birthing a world anew.