In the rhythmic journey of the prophet’s stride,
A dance unfolds, swirling between passion’s fire and peace’s calm,
Anger’s storm and compassion’s soothing balm.

It’s an embrace of the fierce truth, a confrontation with injustice’s sting,
Yet, a vigilant guardian against the toxic venom of unchecked fury.

To speak as a prophet isn’t merely to wield fiery words,
But a surrender, a yielding to a higher calling,
In that sacred space where anger simmers against the backdrop of injustice.

Here, grace becomes the sculptor, prayer the chisel,
Fashioning hearts to resonate with the divine dialogue,
Where God’s gentle whisper declares, “You’re loved, not burdened to save the world.”

A faithful lover, the prophet unfolds, devoted to the greater good,
Seeking wholeness beyond the confines of self,
Embracing love as the guiding force that directs their steps.

In the tapestry of discernment, the prophet’s artistry weaves,
Tuning into the Spirit’s whispers, distinguishing between voices,
Those demanding action steeped in resentment and those echoing from freedom’s serenity.

Not merely a passionate advocate, but a lover of the greater good,
Detached from ego, discernible in their resonance with the heart of divinity.

In this dance, the message is but a note,
The spirit in which it’s delivered, the symphony that transforms hearts.

So, in the rhythm of conviction and the melody of serenity,
Let us learn the dance of prophets—
Messengers of love, guardians of justice, and bearers of peace.