In the core of contemplation lies a symphony of silence,
A journey across myriad paths, each unraveling
The frailty of our usual thoughts in nurturing love,
An upgrade, a shift into a silence birthing openness.

Amid bustling sounds, it unveils an unseen hush,
An ontological stillness within the heart’s depth,
Where Presence quietly resides, serene and vast,
A silence amidst chaos, unnoticed, yet vibrant.

Dualistic thinking, the noise we’ve been taught,
Splitting all into opposing binaries, a false education,
Yet the wise counsel against this divisive divide,
A discourse dominating, lacking humility’s embrace.

Contemplation liberates, stitching together fragments,
Nurturing contentment amidst life’s partial shadows,
A process strewn with errors, a tapestry of learning,
Beautifully beyond distinctions, beyond grasp.

Guiding, shielding minds and hearts from turmoil,
An oasis amidst the sway of emotions and fixations,
In that fleeting moment of powerless quietude,
Purpose emerges, gentle and resolute.

Contemplation beckons, not about choosing sides,
But residing in mindful, heartful equilibrium,
Standing sentinel against fleeting emotions’ surge,
In that silent space, discover your true path.