At any moment, you can experience God as a 3rd-person “It,” a 2nd-person “Thou,” or a 1st-person “I.” Simply repeat the following sentences quietly to yourself, letting each perspective arise gently and naturally.

I contemplate God as all that is arising—the Great Perfection of this and every moment.

I behold and commune with God as an infinite Thou, who bestows all blessings and complete forgiveness on me, and before whom I offer infinite gratitude and devotion.

I rest in God as my own Witness and primordial Self, the Big Mind that is one with all, and in this ever-present, easy, and natural state, I go on about my day.

If you wish, you can replace the word “God” with any word of your choice that evokes an Ultimate Being. It could be “Spirit,” “Jehovah,” “Allah,” “The Lord,” or “The One.”