1) Sit upright and breathe naturally.

2) Rest in the present moment, releasing attention into the suchness or openness in which everything is arising. Relax into what is.

3) If thoughts arise or attention wanders, ask “Avoiding?,” “Contracting?,” or “Who am I?”

4) Let the question simply open you to a deeper awareness, rather than try to answer it. Don’t engage a mental story about your avoidance or contraction. Just notice what’s happening and return to being present.

5) Rest in pure presence. Notice when you get distracted and check for any shadow elements, such as recurring, emotionally charged thoughts around a specific person or situation. If this is the case, do a quick 3-2-1 Process on the distraction, and then return to pure presence.

* Notice the double relaxation of releasing your relative shadow-knot, as well as abiding in pure presence, prior to any shadow activity.

6) After a few minutes, or when your available time is over, complete your module and continue about your day.