Sit or stand quietly. Notice the qualities and contents of the mind and emotions. Allow them to settle.

Silently use your own Facilitator voice to ask to speak to the Controller.

When the Controller shows up, acknowledge the voice, and take a moment to notice his or her presence and qualities.

Does another voice (or voices) need to be heard from? If so, allow them to show up, acknowledge their presence, and be with them until they are ready for you to go on.

Now ask to speak to the voice of Integrated Big Mind/Big Heart. Allow the voice to manifest. Sit quietly with its qualities. You may ask questions of this voice such as:

“How big are you?”
“When did you begin?”
“What do you care about?”
“Do you love without conditions?”

Then quietly dwell in Integrated Big Mind/Big Heart for another minute or two. Thank Big Mind/Big Heart.

Conclude by asking to speak to the voice of the Integrated Free-Functioning Human Being.