Love’s Reconciliation and Transformation

Each week we offer an invitation to contemplative practice, though I hope you’re finding quiet, contemplative moments every day. There are many different ways to meditate or pray. If you haven’t yet found a regular practice, I encourage you to try different experiences and stay with one for a while. Over time—months, years, a full lifetime—contemplation gradually opens our hearts, minds, and bodies to Love as our True Self.

You’re invited to take time to review the “Tree of Contemplative Practices ” and see if a practice connects with your heart.

Each week you’re invited to see if one word or phrase arises from within after the reflection. You might repeat the phrase as a mantra—speaking, chanting, or thinking the words with intention and an attitude of surrender. You might take the phrase further and deeper through journaling or art. Or you could choose a single word from the phrase to use as a touchstone in Centering Prayer. For this week, perhaps list some seeming paradoxes in your life for which you need Love’s reconciliation and transformation.