Gaze of Grace

Invite a trusted beloved (friend, lover, parent, or perhaps yourself through a mirror) to spend a few minutes sharing each other’s gaze. Sit facing each other and begin by lighting a candle or ringing a bell. Take a couple moments with eyes closed to find your center, the still witness. Then open your eyes and simply look at the face of the person across from you.

Give and receive this gaze in silence, being present to the other and to the presence of Love within and without. Let your eyes, face, and body be soft and relaxed while alert. Breathe. If your attention wanders, bring your awareness back to your partner’s eyes and to the presence of Love flowing between you.

When two or three minutes have passed, ring the bell again or bring your hands together and bow to signal the close of the practice. Share a few words, an embrace, or an expression of gratitude.