In the quiet depths of our souls,
Where silence dances with eternity,
We seek the elusive presence of God,
Not realizing, it’s here, always here.

Awareness, the key we often misplace,
God’s love, the unseen force that sustains,
With every breath, we are chosen,
Now, and now, and now, in divine embrace.

No need for striving, learning, or gain,
But unlearning, letting go of illusions,
For in the heart’s stillness, truth resides,
A revelation of love, our soul’s sweet fusion.

In a world entranced, we sleep-walk,
Blind to the sacred that surrounds,
Yet, sages and saints gently remind,
To see, we must awaken from our slumber.

“Be awake,” the Buddha softly speaks,
While Jesus calls us to watch and wait,
Religion’s purpose, a profound teaching,
To open our eyes, unveil reality’s gate.

Prayer, more than words or fleeting thought,
A stance, a dwelling in divine Presence,
In this sacred space, we find solace sought,
A trust, a surrender, a holy recompense.

Spiritual disciplines, their singular aim,
To dispel the veils of illusion’s shroud,
Revealing what is, our essence’s flame,
God’s love, forever, within and without.

Love is the essence, the heartbeat, the core,
It is God, the source, the eternal lore,
In us, through us, forevermore,
Awakening souls, our spirits adore.

…awareness dawns as illusions wane,
We awaken to God’s love, both near and far,
In stillness, prayer, and truth’s gentle reign,
We find the divine presence, our guiding star.