In the dawn’s ancient light,
God’s whispers wove through
the silhouettes of trees,
the murmurs of flowing waters,
long before parchments bore testament.

Jewish and Christian essences
imbued in Psalms 104 and 148,
birthed creation’s spirituality—
rooted in nature’s embrace,
in the raw world, as it breathes.

To begin, it’s in observation,
to peer into creation’s core,
for since time’s inception,
God’s hidden essence echoes,
resounds in every crafted thing.

Through nature’s canvas,
God’s portrait emerges,
etched in unspoken languages,
an artistry in every leaf and gust.

For if love eludes the visible,
sight falters in its course.
In the natural realm’s design,
God leaves His imprints.

In flora’s grace, fauna’s dance,
a prelude to the divine in others,
a gateway to love’s embrace,
to embrace the Earth in return.

The soul readies, untethers,
learns to perceive, to accept,
to dwell within, and beyond itself,
to comprehend loving the divine.

In this hymn of existence,
God echoes, God entwines,
where nature’s psalm unwinds,
and souls learn to love God.