In the quiet depths of our souls, we find ourselves touched,
Touched by a love that deepens, unrelenting, between us and the divine.
A love so profound, it draws us in, as if by an irresistible force.

God, in His infinite grace, loves us with a depth beyond measure,
His affection unwavering, all-encompassing.
He cannot fathom being God without our presence, for we are His beloved.

In response, we willingly surrender our very being to the divine,
Our hearts whispering, “Take me home with you. I’ll be your eternal healer!”
This sacred dialogue echoes the profound bond between us and the divine,
A bond built on mutual love and understanding, an unbreakable connection.

We acknowledge that God has chosen to love us wholeheartedly,
Even in our moments of brokenness and imperfection.
In this recognition, we find the truth: He values our presence as much as we cherish His.

And so, a beautiful cycle of love and exchange unfolds,
A divine dance that knows no end, a love story written in the stars.
In moments of silent contemplation, we find solace,
Seeking to deepen our awareness of the love already unfolding within us.

With humility, we beseech God for guidance,
To remain steadfast in our devotion to this divine connection,
To carry this love with us throughout the day, a beacon of light in our earthly journey.

For in this love, we discover the essence of our existence,
The eternal embrace of the divine, a profound and reciprocal bond.
We are drawn ever closer, deeper, in this timeless dance,
A dance of love, of grace, of unwavering connection.

In the silent chambers of our hearts, we are one,
Bound in love, guided by faith, and forever entwined with the divine.