In the sacred chambers of my soul, I marvel,
A profound connection to God, omnipresent and intimate,
Our souls entwined, a dance of divinity and self.

With joyful exultation, I declare,
“Our redeemer, our bridegroom!” A love unique,
Responsiveness profound, my heart’s devotion.

In God’s embrace, I find my sanctuary,
Rest, love, peace, longing, honor, and delight,
A refreshing stream, quenching my burning ardor.

I ardently proclaim, God’s presence,
Not distant, nor impersonal, but tailored,
As if the universe itself summoned Him for me.

In the tapestry of words, I weave,
An erotically charged, poetic ode,
The union of souls, transcending human bounds.

Though surprising to some, it resonates,
With the spirit of my time, an era that comprehends,
The fusion of the physical and ethereal realms.

Through life’s tapestry, I journey inward,
Sanctifying each thread, each experience,
A path to enlightenment, in the sacred and the profane.

For the physical world, a canvas of beauty,
A path to the divine, where sacred meets secular,
A reminder of the eternal, in each fleeting moment.