In the footsteps of ancient pilgrims, we journey,
Untethered from the confines of tradition’s yoke,
Our spirits intertwined with theirs, an eternal cloak,
A path unveiled, where mystic hearts spoke.

Bound not by rote, we tread a unique way,
Their simplicity, chastity, igniting our core,
Entrepreneurs of the soul, our souls in parallel sway,
For in such devotion, we find we crave more.

Their devotion to God, to the outcast and meek,
Mirrors our dedication, defying attempts to confine,
We too shun external norms, in silence, we speak,
Our spiritual quest, a radiant, personal design.

Inward, we traverse realms of endless creation,
Where the Divine breathes, and hearts align,
Boundless, our souls, in profound elation,
A revolution of the spirit, an internal shrine.

Our hearts echo their aspiration profound,
Unity of will, our path and theirs entwined,
In harmonious union, love’s sweetest sound,
Our joy, compassion, and love undefined.

As they exhorted, we too share the decree,
No obstacle shall bar a meaningful prayer,
Educated or unlearned, rich or of humble decree,
The Divine’s yearning, a testament of care.

In contemplative moments, their legacy we hold,
The unity of will, and love that transcends,
The quest for divine communion, age-old,
In us, its timeless spirit ascends.