Lady Love sows a seed of heartfelt action,
Transcending mere contemplation’s marvels.
Lofty words, devoid of compassion, are futile.
Love’s contemplation yields practical compassion.

Embrace compassion, wear it cheerfully,
Transform your heart in God’s sacred love,
To love every sister, every brother,
In their need, a concrete, sacred care.

Community leaders, arrange for comforts,
Basic needs met, sweetness from God flows.
Intimate love’s manifestation clear,
In a desire to serve others, we find.

Radical compassion, the heart’s core,
Not born of duty or sense of should,
But a heart-sense, an insufferable urge,
To see no one as ‘below’ or indifferent.

Detachment, compassion, care in need,
A trinity of practice to support,
This radical compassion we hold dear,
Nurtured by undisturbed prayer’s embrace.

In the wells of prayer, mercy and love,
Intermingle and flow, sustaining all.
Love of God and humanity entwine,
Compassionate action mirrors the divine.

Love transcends mere emotion or duty,
It’s God’s presence, a soul’s sacred flame.
Warmth, affection, and caring for all,
God’s love shines through us, a sacred aim.