Amidst the cosmic expanse, we reside,
A humble note in time’s symphony,
Where ancient narratives echo,
And unwritten tales await our breath.

Life’s diverse forms burgeoned before,
Crafted by divine hands in myriad hues,
Their story unfolding in a distant epoch,
As we lay dormant in existence’s heart.

The annals of history resound with epochs past,
A time when consciousness didn’t shape reality’s dance,
Life thrived, untouched by human thoughts,
In realms far beyond our conceptual grasp.

The divine design, unfurling at its own pace,
A universe complete without our urgent arrival,
Interconnected with all that lives, moves, and breathes,
Integral fragments within nature’s sacred design.

As we navigate the spiritual paths we tread,
Let humility guide our steps,
Acknowledging our unity within this intricate design,
Honoring the wisdom each being holds.

In this interconnected web of existence,
Our journey unfolds with reverence and unity,
Grasping the depths of diverse expressions,
Enlivening the sacred space we all share.