Within the intricate fabric of existence, not spun by human hands,
Our forebears found sanctity in nature’s vibrant hues,
Not in the confined walls of man’s construction,
But in the vast expanse of the untamed earth.

Jesus, the sage of relatable parables, drew divinity
From the common threads of life’s fabric,
Revealing profound truths in the mundane—
In red skies, lilies, and birds on the wing.

Modern sages echo this universal theology,
Embracing a reality deeper than theological concepts,
Emphasizing the ‘ground of being,’
Beyond the facade of ritualized faith.

Yet, in the midst of fervent religious practices,
We often cloak ourselves from Reality Itself,
The very heartbeat of our existence.

Nature, an open manuscript of God’s narrative,
Reflects the essence of divinity in every leaf,
Every whisper of the wind, every dance of the earth.

The transformative revelations, those pivotal breakthroughs,
Emerge not in the solemnity of man’s constructs,
But in the raw, untamed moments of communion,
Where silence births an eloquence far beyond words.

The essence of divinity is not crafted within walls,
But in the untamed, unfiltered moments of unity
With the whispers of the wind, the earth’s song,
In every living thing—a testament to the sacred.