In the quiet act of giving, a tapestry of selflessness weaves,
Threads of sacrifice, an offering to the eternal loom of life.

Each petal falls, a whisper of prayer,
A sacrifice flower, bearing burdens in gentle surrender.

Life’s tender cycle, a dance of dying and rising,
An ancient rhythm echoing within the heart’s silent chambers.

For in the giving, we find richness beyond measure,
A symphony where prayers softly alight on the wings of sacrifice.

The echo of a wilted bloom carries a message,
An offering made, a burden lifted, a soul’s tender plea.

Sacrifice begets rebirth, the eternal exchange,
One life surrenders, another embraces, a cycle unbroken.

Thus, in each shared burden, in the heart’s generous bouquet,
We learn the art of becoming, of blooming, then graciously fading away.