Grace, stemming from divine affection boundless,
serves as the heart of the Bible’s narrative.

It’s an unearned benevolence, ever-present,
a gift freely given, often unseen,
and at times resisted unknowingly.

God depicted as patient—
in the depths of night, awaiting our notice.

Both a servant within and a celestial intruder—
breaking barriers to reach our core.

The tireless pursuit, the ceaseless toil of grace—
a testament to God’s unyielding longing for us.

Without grasping unmerited favor,
the inexplicable love in the scriptures fades,
the story loses its cohesion.

It’s the master key, unlocking the Bible’s transformation,
revealing the essence of every passage, each narrative.

Grace isn’t a distant notion but an invitation,
forever presenting itself—a divine offering.

It’s the force in life’s fabric, allowing
flowers to bloom, animals to nurture, planets to spin.

An energy beyond reason,
nurturing all—smiling infants, celestial bodies,
overflowing in love’s name.

Grace, an unending surplus,
abundant, overflowing, showering us without measure.

In summary, grace—God’s unmerited love—
imbues life with meaning, abundance, and boundless affection.