Amidst the ancient tale’s sacred resonance,
A parable whispered in cascading streams,
The woman at the well, a tapestry woven
In God’s grace, a divine choreography.

Vulnerability, a shared cloak, veiling souls,
An invitation, embracing duality’s dance—
Receiving and becoming the source,
Bestowing the elixir of life’s pure essence.

Behold this water, bestowed upon you,
A spring birthed within, swelling infinite,
An inner revelation, a pulsating tide,
Echoing eternity, a wellspring’s awakening.

Within the heart’s sanctum, torrents flow,
Rippling through the spiritual anatomy,
A ceaseless stream, a wellspring unbound,
Nourishing existence, seeding divinity.

The profound truth, whispered from within,
Unveiling a cosmic secret, ancient and eternal—
Heaven’s gift already at our fingertips,
An unclaimed inheritance, the Divine’s legacy.

But hesitation halts our audacious belief,
The bubbling torrent within, unrecognized,
Doubt cloaks the realization of our essence,
Unworthy echoes hum through our core.

Yet, worthiness crumbles in the face of grace,
An insignificant concern in the grand design,
Embracing the ceaseless downpour of gifts,
Unveiling the essence—free, abundant, bestowed.

Liberation arises when worth is shed,
Embracing the bounty, learning to revel,
In this unending flow, in every single drop,
Revelation blooms, transforming every fiber.

In surrender to the ineffable grace bestowed,
The fabric of existence is rewoven anew,
A mosaic of existence, threaded with grace,
And in this, everything, everything changes.