“To whom much is given, much is required,”
Echoes like ancient mantras in karma’s cadence.

“What comes around, goes around,” they say in slang,
A cosmic dance of reciprocity,
Hidden in the folds of the free flow, gratuitously bestowed.

In the fabric of our existence,
Attitudes weave the threads of earning, giving, losing, and receiving,
A measure for the exchange of love, subtle and profound.

Stingy hearts hoard love like hidden treasures,
A scarcity mirrored in the clinking of coins.
Generosity spills from open hearts, a cascade of love and wealth.

Circumspect, cautious, love measured in every step,
As if balancing on the tightrope of money and affection.
Choices etch patterns, leaving imprints on the fabric of existence.

Jesus, a weaver of destinies in the here and now,
Rejects the notion of disconnected payoffs in the afterlife.
A call to personal choice, responsibility, freedom, echoing through time.

Grapes from thorns, figs from thistles,
Metaphors ripe with the harvest of actions,
A good tree bears the sweetness of virtue, a bad tree sours in deeds.

Mercy, a mirror reflecting its giver,
The standard used echoes back in kind.
Karma, understood rightly, shapes self-actualized souls,
A transformation from fear to responsibility.

The law of reciprocity, not confined to words,
Urges conscious choices, positive energies,
Guiding us along the path of responsible living.