Come, settle, breathe, ground in the present,
Feel breath’s rhythm, immersed in surroundings,
Tune into sounds, a symphony enveloping,
Cultivate awareness, embracing the moment,
Acceptance and kindness, companions on this journey.

Acknowledge commitment, a seed of personal growth,
Vitality and motivation, dedicated to inner life’s nurture,
Happiness, the blossom of this tender care,
Inherent goodness and faith, sparks that ignite the journey,
Resonate within, acknowledging their strength.

Gratitude extends to the orchestra within,
The beating heart, the expanding lungs,
Protective skin, a fortress against the world,
Reflect on cherished souls, supportive figures,
Their impact, a melody echoing through time.

Expand gratitude to the world, a vast embrace,
Earth’s support, the constant sun,
Life-sustaining air, flowing water, celestial stars,
Oceans whispering tales of existence,
Feel the pulsating gift of life in your veins,
A rhythm, a heartbeat of thankfulness.

Let gratitude permeate, a gentle rain on the soul,
Nourishment and strength, absorbed by the spirit,
Observe thoughts emerging,
Creating positive experiences, weaving moments,
For yourself and those cherished,
In this symphony of existence.