In the second half of life’s grand performance,
A symphony of souls begins to resonate.
Desire awakens, a yearning to give back,
For in the quiet recesses of the heart,
Recognition blooms—gratuitously given,
From universe’s embrace, society’s fabric,
And the Divine’s eternal generosity.

This marks the ‘generative’ stage,
An eager embrace of life’s abundance,
Not for self alone, but a legacy for the ages,
A bequest of love and wisdom, flowing freely,
For the benefit of generations yet unborn.

Living simply becomes a solemn vow,
A commitment etched in the soul’s ledger,
To ensure others may simply live,
In the quietude of shared existence.

From doing to being, the transition unfolds,
An utterly new kind of doing emerges,
Flowing organically, a river of purpose,
Silent, like a breath, and by osmosis,
Seeping into the fabric of existence.

The call is heard, a whisper from within,
A response unfurls, letting go of the weight,
The heavy consequences of actions relinquished,
As the soul dances in the freedom of its calling.

A metamorphosis occurs, a deeper passion,
A flame that whispers, “I must do this,”
For life’s meaning hinges on this act,
No longer a mere choice but a sacred covenant.

Life and the delivery system entwine,
Threads woven seamlessly, a unity unfolds,
No longer disparate elements but a harmonious whole,
A symphony of purpose, resonating through being.

God’s goal, ever-present in this unfolding,
Union—a river flowing through the landscape,
Binding souls to the Divine, to others,
And to the True Self, an intricate connection revealed.

In the second half, separation dissolves,
A realization dawns, petals unfurling,
Not separate from God, nor others, nor self,
But an interwoven tapestry of existence.

Transformation takes root, a sacred journey,
Becoming the servant of the soul,
No longer its master, but a humble steward,
In the dance of life, a co-creator with the Divine.

In this second half’s poetic fabric,
Woven with threads of giving, simplicity,
And the profound dance of becoming,
Soul and spirit align with the eternal,
Part of a cosmic choreography, beautifully unfurling.