In the fabric of existence, spiritual maturation weaves
A growth, quiet, profound, in the chambers of consciousness.
The first half of life, a foundation laid, stones stacked
Building identity, security, lines drawn in the soil,
A zone of safety crafted with meticulous hands,
Controllable order stitched into the fabric of our days.

Operating on lower planes, seeking the center outside,
A pilgrimage into unworthiness, distrust, subservience,
To those deemed “better,” “more qualified,” “superior.”

Breakthrough emerges not in the mere passage of years,
But in the inward expansion, a freedom cultivated.
Make the Word your dwelling, and truth shall liberate,
A radical surrender, a letting go into the cosmic flow.

We grow not just to endure but to dance
In the moments of failure, disruptions, a lightness of spirit,
Open to divine love, streaming through the fractures of darkness.

Living into our divine nature, the wellspring of freedom,
Created from love, meant to pulsate, energize the world,
Not in mediocrity’s humdrum, nor in self-preservation’s cocoon.

Growing inward, falling upward, the rhythm of evolution,
Learning from the stumbles, the slips on life’s terrain.
Invited to release, to surrender to the wild love of God,
Living into the ceaseless vitality, the heartbeat of existence.

Let go into the arms of the divine, a homecoming
To our true selves, where our root reality is unveiled,
Infinite divine love, in which, entwined, we are eternally free.