Amidst the search for kindness, an odyssey begins,
From within the soul, outward to the open arms of the world.
Resistance, a formidable fortress, bars the way,
Denying simple wishes of joy and serenity,
Echoing unworthiness, claiming peace is unearned.

Through patient gaze into the heart’s depth,
Clarity emerges, revealing stories’ threads,
Limiting beliefs unfurl, observed without hold,
Their grip fades, dissolving like morning mist,
Leaving liberation’s breath in their vanishing wake.

Kindness, authentic and true, finds its genesis,
Resting in the gentle embrace of an inner haven,
A space serene, where ego’s cacophony recedes,
Drawing closer to our essence, devoid of clamor.

In whispered prayers for wellness and peace,
A deeper essence rises, akin to grace’s touch,
Beyond self’s confinements, it blossoms,
A sacred wellspring, where kindness springs forth.

The journey of metta weaves through resistance,
From ego’s dominance to respite’s tranquil shore,
An inner pilgrimage to rediscover that serene abode,
Where loving-kindness resides, awaiting our embrace.