In the rhythm of creation’s song,
linked in a dance, a tapestry unspoken,
each thread an echo of the divine,
where every atom whispers its belonging.

Ancient wisdom wove a chain,
a circle breathing life’s essence,
a testament to unity, to reverence,
before words wrapped nature’s embrace.

It’s a canvas, a sacred depiction,
of interconnectedness woven deep,
a map unfurled within the soul’s expanse,
where every hue paints a sacred tale.

We glimpse the sacred in every leaf,
the divine dance, an enchanted universe,
where acknowledging each pulse, each heartbeat,
reveals the face of God in everything.

In every towering peak, in every tender bud,
the triune essence resonates, unbounded,
a presence unfettered, yet in everything held,
a paradox unveiled in every whispering breeze.

Centered everywhere, yet no borders confine,
engraved in the cosmos, yet boundless,
a mystery unfolding, in the vastness of all,
where every particle echoes divine fingerprints.

In the hushed murmurs of creation’s song,
God’s footprints persist, undeniable,
engraved within life’s rhythmic flow,
a testament to divine embrace in existence.