In the humblest, simplest whispers,
The ascent begins,
From grains of sand to boundless skies,
The mirror reflects the craftsman’s touch.

Supreme power woven in the fabric,
Wisdom’s echo in every leaf,
Benevolence whispered through creatures,
The Creator’s artistry unveiled.

Not a plea to love the divine at first,
But to embrace the elemental,
Rocks and streams, trees reaching high,
A dance with the symphony of life.

From the fluttering leaves to the beating hearts,
Angels find kinship in every flutter,
And in each beat, a breath,
A leap closer to the divine embrace.

For how we touch the tiniest,
Echoes in the grandest gestures,
In the tender act of caring for all,
Love finds its bedrock, its cradle.

To love is to embrace all,
For in cherishing the humblest,
The universe’s hymn rings clear,
A chorus celebrating creation’s core.

In every droplet of rain’s caress,
In each shared morsel of life’s bounty,
The narrative of goodness,
From the genesis of existence.

Recognizing the rhythm,
The dance of interconnectedness,
In this ecosystem, our belonging,
A map to unearth our place.

And as we tread upon this earth,
We discover heaven crammed within,
In every commonplace, a fire ablaze,
With the eternal essence we seek.