Within the circle’s embrace,
the medicine wheel spins,
not just a compass,
but a map of existence,
a weaving of life’s essence.

North to south,
east to west,
its axis rooted in the center,
a convergence of worlds.

In each direction, a realm unfolds,
different medicines,
varied spirits, diverse creatures,
each finding a place,
a sacred seat in this hoop of existence.

This wheel, this sacred hoop,
mirrors life’s stages,
from the innocence of childhood,
through the vigor of youth,
into the responsibility of adulthood,
and finally, the wisdom of elder years.

But it’s more than mere symbolism,
it’s a covenant, a pact,
where each entity, each life form,
holds a vital role,
a responsibility to uphold,
to maintain the integrity,
the sanctity of this interconnectedness.

For when one falters,
when one neglects their role,
the harmony falters,
the hoop trembles,
threatened by the discord,
by the imbalance.

Interbeing, interdependence,
our essence intertwined,
our destinies entwined,
yet we, the stewards,
often fail in our duty.

Not all are given what they need,
to thrive, to fulfill their purpose,
to contribute their unique melody
to life’s grand symphony.

When every being thrives,
fulfills its destined role,
the balance restores,
the hoop’s integrity revitalizes,
and the dance of life resumes
in its harmonious rhythm.

Let us strive, then,
to honor our place,
to nourish and support,
so the sacred hoop remains whole,
and the melody of existence
resonates in unity.