In the blind pursuit of progress,
we’ve turned away from the whispers
of the natural world, ignorant
of the toll we’ve paid—
a silent debt to separation.

Solitude and nature’s embrace,
those retreats gifted us belonging,
a return to a forgotten kinship,
a recognition of our place
within this woven tapestry.

We lift our praises to creatures,
honoring their existence
because of the Creator they echo.
Look skyward, at stars strewn
across the vast expanse,
and ponder the divine
embodied in these celestial beings.

Interdependence threads through
creation’s different layers,
a symphony of giving and receiving,
a dance of reciprocal offerings.

Animals and nature, not mere forms,
but spiritual essence intertwined
in this necessary harmony,
part of an intricate connectedness
that binds us all as kin.

Every entity, sibling—
brother, sister in this vast family,
this great chain of being
we’re inextricably woven within.

God’s love, bestowed abundantly
upon these creatures, speaks—
a testament to their inherent worth,
an objective lovability
that calls upon us to reciprocate.

Within each creation lies
a reflection, a mirror that unveils
the Creator’s essence,
beckoning us to recognize
the divine in every form.