In the dance of emergence,
we unfurl from the divine,
each thread woven
with the essence of God’s life,
our identity anchored
in the sacred inception.

Across the vast expanse,
every atom, every breath,
a testament to the cosmic mystery,
an intricate illustration
of the singular God
spanning time and space,
no corner untouched
by the divine brushstroke.

Yet, the journey leads back,
a pilgrimage of all things,
returning to the wellspring,
where the Omega meets the Alpha,
the pinnacle of God’s triumph.

Within the corpus of Christ,
resides completeness divine,
a path to our own fulfillment,
for in all and through all,
there exists only Christ.

United at creation,
sustained through unity’s embrace,
and in the return,
the consummation of unity,
grace weaves its eternal tapestry.

Creation, a mirror reflecting,
the very visage of the divine,
a testament to belonging,
where everything finds its home.